Kopano as Mailclient for external Accounts

  • I’m considering switching from OX to Kopano. A crucial feature for me is whether it is possible to use Kopano as a mail client for several external mail accounts.
    I know “fetchmail” is possible, but can I configure Kopano so that I can also send via the external SMTP?

    Any feedback is much appreciated

  • Kopano

    Hi @clesys,

    you cannot really use Kopano as a mail client for external mailboxes, bt you could indeed use fetchmail to collect these mailboxes into one or more mailboxes within Kopano. For sending mail you could use sender depended mail relays.

    Practically speaking it’s much easier to buy a dedicated domain and use that for sending/receiving, though.

  • if the external email accounts are things like @gmail, @yahoo, @Hotmail

    you can simply setup redirect from that account to Kopano and then you reply from Kopano.

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