Z-Push 2.5.0 final released

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    we have just released Z-Push 2.5.0 final (tag 2.5.0 commit 2c7d40e0322ac3a0b6da9832730ae3986a30f112).

    This release includes several new features and improvements as well as bug fixes.

    One of the most important improvements for Outlook over ActiveSync and KOE users is the better handling of sync windows when loop detection starts. It will process more items in one requests instead of only one. Additionally this release now also includes the server side api for the automatic sync window reduction for large stores which was implemented in KOE 2.0.

    Michele added new features in fixing states. It is now possible to fix states for a single user using z-push-admin. It’s also possible to configure more verbose output for fix states. See https://jira.z-hub.io/browse/ZP-1470 for more information.

    Michele also contributed an improvement for reading state information on high traffic environments (e.g. NFS storage). Make sure to update the main Z-Push config (z-push.conf.php) if you were using FILE_STATE_WRITE_ATTEMPTS or FILE_STATE_WRITE_SLEEP as they were deprecated.

    GAB sync script now has an option to define which objects in GAB (users, groups, rooms, equipments) should be synchronised. Make sure to update and configure the config file (gab-sync.conf.php) according to your needs.
    GAB sync for large GABs (several thousand entries) is now significantly faster. We also fixed the issue that the deleted users were still available in GAB after gab-sync.

    In the multi memcached server environment a single device’s data will be saved on one of the memcached servers.

    The issue that categories were lost when marking an email read/unread on a shared account has been fixed.

    Bart contributed a timezone handling improvement for the caldav backend. Thanks a lot!

    Marc contributed a date filter fix in search for IMAP backend. Thanks a lot!

    Several other fixes and improvements for Z-Push core as well as the backends.

    Install Z-Push 2.5.0 final from the final repositories (recommended) Z-Push Wiki.

    Thanks a lot to Z-Push contributors Bart, Dirk, Marc, Matteo, maxxer, Michele! Sorry if I forgot anybody, but nevertheless your contributions are highly appreciated. Also thanks to everybody providing us feedback.

    Tickets in Z-Push 2.5.0 final

    [ZP-499] - Z-Push check to email address fails on some chars
    [ZP-1388] - Folder sync status sometimes not updating
    [ZP-1458] - Categories are lost when marking email read/unread on shared account
    [ZP-1460] - Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function GetUserDetails() in /usr/share/z-push/backend/imap/imap.php:1704
    [ZP-1461] - Unable to configure z-push-config-nginx (2.4.5+0-0) on Ubuntu16.04
    [ZP-1463] - GAB sync doesn’t work with KC
    [ZP-1466] - FileStateMachine: written state size is always 1
    [ZP-1475] - Fax number mapped incorrectly in gab2contacts
    [ZP-1477] - Unvalid date filter on BackendIMAP
    [ZP-1479] - Remove chunks of gabsync which don’t contain current data
    [ZP-1488] - Resolve recipients to exact email address if MaxAmbiguousRecipients is 1

    New Feature
    [ZP-1417] - Script to check if store and folderid are available for sharing
    [ZP-1469] - A function in z-push-admin for returning folderId list
    [ZP-1470] - Verbose fixstates
    [ZP-1476] - Single user Fixstate
    [ZP-1485] - GAB-Sync: configuration option to determine what kind of GAB entries should be synchronized

    [ZP-1126] - Replace z_RTF class with the newer one
    [ZP-1213] - Modify LoopDetection to handle big sync windows better
    [ZP-1232] - Don’t send update failure notifications for certain folders
    [ZP-1389] - CalDAV: Timezones
    [ZP-1390] - Expose mailbox size via webservice
    [ZP-1432] - Save device data on the same memcached server
    [ZP-1433] - TopCollector isEnabled accesses IPC hasData on every call
    [ZP-1453] - Merge MAPI classes from webapp
    [ZP-1465] - Adaptive folder re sync upper threshold
    [ZP-1471] - gab-sync - cache groups’ members
    [ZP-1478] - Print gabId in the gabsync script
    [ZP-1480] - Retry loop when reading file state machine data from disk

    Code changes since Z-Push 2.4.5: https://stash.z-hub.io/projects/ZP/repos/z-push/compare/diff?targetBranch=refs%2Ftags%2F2.4.5&sourceBranch=refs%2Ftags%2F2.5.0

    Please share your experiences (positive and negative) and give feedback!


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