• i backup the vm running kopano (ucs 4.4) with bareos-backup. But I found out that I can’t restore single deleted objects (mail, address, calendar entry) with it. in the kopano admin manual I find an overview about the different methods.

    Therefore I want to set up the brick-level backup now. in kopano there are several users and the public folders.

    i have looked at the manpage and the examples in it. must call the command for each user individually or is it possible to backup all users and public folders at once?

    with best

  • If you omit the user from the command, the backup runs for all users, e.g.

    kopano-backup -O /path/to/target/folder/

    I am not sure it is the best way I am doing it, but I do it in the following way: first I run the command above, then for disaster recovery mysqldump and rsync of the attachments (in that order).

    It would really be very nice, if Kopano was to implement a GUI for managing backup.

    Kind Regards

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