MAPI functionality for DeskApp is not working as expected.

  • Hi,

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic, a inventory management system uses MSMAPI32.OCX. Unfortunately DeskApp and MSMAPI32.OCX do not work together. Tying to send an mail from Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic ends up with an error:

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic
    Diese Meldung ist für C/AL-Programmierer:
    Der Aufruf zum Member Compose ist fehlgeschlagen. MAPIMessages gab die folgende Meldung zurück:
    MAPI Failure: valid session ID does not exist

    Any ideas, how to make DeskApp compatible with MSMAPI32.OCX?

  • Forgot to mention:

    kopano-deskapp-2.2.3-x64.msi on German Windows 10 x64.

  • @WalterHof said in MAPI functionality for DeskApp is not working as expected.:


    Sorry, we use the 32 Bit DeskApp, because MSMAPI32.OCX is a 32 Bit DLL.

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