Kopano Groupware Core 8.7.1 final available

  • Kopano

    Dear forum,

    we have just pushed the 8.7.1 release into the final download repository. Pushing it out took a bit longer than anticipated since we were chasing after two bugs related to caching.

    A complete overview of changes can be found in the changelog.

    Updating can be done through the repositories, packages can be downloaded from the portal or from the download server.

  • Hi Felix,

    i just noticed
    In pre-final is which was released on 25.April but in final which was released today there is
    What is the difference between these two? Are there changes in the final version which are not present in pre-final?
    I’m just asking because i’m running on (which i updated on 26.April) and it seems like i got the caching issue “again”.
    On 26.April there were 29 updated rows and after executing kopano-dbadm kc-1444 again i got 20 updated rows today. Both times i ran the kopano-dbadm command with kopano-server offline.


  • Kopano

    Hi @mkoas,

    both releases have been build from the same commit (the .0 is the offset to the tag, which in turn forms the first three digits), but since we have dedicated build targets for master/pre-final/final the internal build counter is different (this is the -1, resp the -11). We have added some minor packaging fixes, but the code is the same.

    Please get in contact with our support so that they can investigate this and collect steps to reproduce.

  • From what build onwards in the daily community repository is the caching bug fixed?

    I’m currently using (on Ubuntu 18.04) and after rebooting the Kopano-Server again a message became unread which had been marked as read before. I think my build is from April 19… I thought about updating again but I’m a bit worried since there have been no new builds for a week now on https://download.kopano.io/community/core:/ so perhaps something big is wrong and I’ll be in much more trouble if I update…

  • @Gerald

    After updating from unfixed to fixed version - did you ever run the kopano-dbadm kc-1444 fix as stated in changelog of 8.7.1 version and did you run afterwards the kopano-srvadm --clear-cache=cell if you had the server up while running kopano-dbadm fix?


  • @dw2412
    Indeed, I did not do this, thanks for the heads up!

    However, trying to do this now:
    root@servername:~# kopano-dbadm kc-1444
    Thu May 9 19:50:35 2019: [error ] dbadm: unknown action “kc-1444”

    So I guess is not new enough… I’ll wait for new versions to appear on the download site. Seems the build process is broken again…

  • @Gerald
    indeed - there seems to be no kc 1444 in dbadm currently available in community download. kopano-utils_8.7.80.936.529d71bca-0+193.1_amd64.deb package binary kopona-dbadm does not include it. On GitHub it is included in source so actually a question that Kopano needs to answer…


  • ah, so im not crazy… ;-) so we wait untill its in…

  • Kopano

    @Gerald said in Kopano Groupware Core 8.7.1 final available:

    I’ll wait for new versions to appear on the download site. Seems the build process is broken again…

    yes, we indeed have some test failures that block the nightly package upload at the moment. build will likely return next week.

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