Import appointment in calendar

  • Hello dear Kopano Forum,

    I would like to automatically save an appointment from a website in my Kopano calendar.

    I’ll click on the appointment in the Firefox browser. The dialog box Opens with … or Save File opens.

    Then I click on Open with “Kopano DeskApp” and I get the error message: "Import-1.ics can not be imported, the file is invalid, but if I save the appointment ics file on my notebook and then click Import on the calendar , that works fine.

    My system:
    Notebook: Ubuntu 18.04
    Domain: UCS 4.3
    Kopano: 8.6.9
    WebApp: 3.5.4

    Does somebody has any idea?

  • Kopano

    Hi @robsie - DeskApp can not handle .ics files yet, uploading (as you already describe) is the way to go at this time.

    The feature request is logged in

  • Hi Bob,

    thank you for your information,


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