Dialog "open, save, Save as..." doesn't work as expected

  • Hello everybody,

    we are really thankful for the new dialog “open, save, save as…”. Most of the time it works as a charme. But we have one problem. If the mail exceeds a certain size (round about 10mb) the dialog shows but when we click on “save as” it reacts like a click on “save”. The mail is saved directly to the standard-temp-folder. the window with the folder-selection doesn’t appear.
    This does only happen if we try to save the whole mail. The attachment with for example 14mb doesn’t show this effect if we save only the attachment.
    Does someone have the same problem?

    Kopano Core: 8.7.0
    Z-Push: 2.4.5+0-0

  • Kopano

    Maybe this is bug: https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KD-403
    Could you try master or pre-final where it’s fixed?

  • With DeskApp 2.2.0 it works correct.

    Thank you!

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