sending pictures within the mail body

  • Hy!

    sometimes we have the problem, that the copied and pasted pictures in the mailbody disappear.
    so during writing the mail the picture is here. you can save the mail and send it.
    but if you reopen the sent mail, the picture(s) are not there - and also the receiver do not get the pictures.

    what can we check?
    the fact is, that the problem is not always and does not depend on the size of the picture.

    Versions are the latest. ;)

    thanks for your help.

  • Kopano

    @JonnyCashCo where are the pictures coming from (as in, where do you copy before you paste)?

    When you check the HTML body of the message (e.g. in the browser console), do you see the image tag there? What is the ‘source’?

    Just to be sure, can you include the version of WebApp and DeskApp, or when you’re using a browser, which browser+version?

  • @bhuisman
    for example from an other mail

    this is the information which is in the mail instead of the picture:

    but sometimes this is also missing!!

    OS: Win 10 x64
    browser: Firefox latest
    DeskApp: 2.1.9
    Kopano Core: 8.6.9
    Z-Push: 2.4.4+0-0

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