How to fix a user

  • Is there any utility that allows admins to “fix” a user?

    I have come across a few instances were there is some weird problem and it only affects one single user and the “fix” has been to delete/recreate.

    Maybe like a chkdsk for users: check the integrity of the user, options, messages… make sure everything lines up and is up to date…



  • Hello Bob.

    Maybe kopano-fsck is the tool you are looking for?

    What weird problems did you got?


  • Yes, I believe that is exactly the utility I’m looking for! Thanks!

    The issues we have are pretty wide ranging and mostly small. And since they are small, we are reluctant to go to the extreme measure of a new account. (which we only do if no other solution could be found)

    This will be a nice addition to the troubleshooting toolkit.

    Thanks again.

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