Notifications for shared folders

  • Hi!

    Is there any update on this topic yet?
    We’re interested too: using shared folders for various projects, at the moment we miss notification if one of the shared mail boxes receives an email.
    Also: would be nice if unread mail of a shared inbox would be shown in the widget :)

  • Sorry, my question is actually meant for the DeskApp…

  • Kopano

    This feature is added since a few releases so probably you are still using an older WebApp version
    You should have this option in the config.php

        // Define the polling interval in minutes for unread mail in shared stores.
        define('SHARED_STORE_POLLING_INTERVAL', 15);

  • Thank you!
    I’m waiting currently for our Admin to update the WebApp + DeskApp :)

  • Hi!

    So we’re fully updated now,
    WebApp Version
    DeskApp Version 2.1.9

    and I’m trying to get the DeskApp to show all unread emails in the “Unread Email” widget.
    It shows my personal inbox, but not the shared folders that I imported using the “Open Shared Mails +” button.

    Is there a way to activate this?

  • Hello,

    I’m just testing Kopano and I’ve run into the same problem. In the deskapp, unread messages are displayed and counted in the inbox, but there is no hint on the icon in the taskbar and no system message appears. Can this be changed?

  • Kopano


    Widgets are not on our top prio list at the moment.
    But you can always create your own widget in the form of a plugin, if you have some developer skills.

    Taskbar icons are set (mac + windows) since DeskApp 2.2
    Corresponds to your inbox folder only.

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