wrong from sender displayed in webapp

  • We had some fake bill mails on which we had the wrong sender visible in the webapp.

    In WebApp it Looks like:

    From: Max Mustermann <FRIEND.EMAIL@lin-mail1.customer.intra>

    This looks for some of the users of the kopano server like “is the server hacked?”

    But when i download the .eml file and look the mail header i see the following of the read sender:

    From: Max Mustermann <FRIEND.EMAIL> <lokeshwaris@sensiple.in>

    I think the problem here is , the double usage of the < >

    When i open the .eml file in thunderbird it also not look very good, but better than in the webapp. Here for reference:

    Max Mustermann <FRIEND.EMAILlokeshwaris@sensiple.in>

    I also see in the /var/log/mail.log that the mail was from this sender.

  • Kopano

    Hi @Beleggrodion ,

    please also include the versions of the software you use when reporting problems. In this case the version of Kopano and libvmime are interesting.

    A similar problem has been reported with vmime in the past and afair has also been fixed.

  • Ok sorry, forgot the informations.

    The Base System is CentOS 7

    The current kopano version is , with webapp and libvmime , i added the rpm versions.

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