Webmeetings on UCS 4.3

  • Hello Kopano community.

    I wanted to install Kopano Webmeetings on a UCS Server.
    Normaly i type this command.

    univention-app install kopano-webmeetings 

    Get TURN Server Credentials and configure them.

    But on a new customer the webmeeting could not initialize.

    In the apache error log i see the following lines:

    No protocol handler was valid for the URL /webmeetings/ws. If you are using a DSO version of mod_proxy, make sure the proxy submodules are included in the configuration using LoadModule.

    Is there a problem with Kopano Webmeetings on an UCS server.

    KC: 8.6.9
    UCS: 4.3.3
    Kopano Webmeeting: 0.29.5-1

    Cheers Basti

  • Kopano

    Hi @sebschremser ,

    that sounds like the wsproxy module was not enabled in Apache. Normally this is done automatically on install (works in my system as well).

  • Hi @fbartels

    When I check the loaded modules with “apachectl -D DUMP_MODULES” I see that the proxy_ws_tunnel_module is loaded.
    Also when I check the /etc/apache/mods-enabled directory there is a link for the proxy_wstunnel.

    And yes i restarted the apache2 service.

    Any other hints?

    Cheers Basti

  • Kopano

    @sebschremser said in Webmeetings on UCS 4.3:

    Any other hints?

    Then I’d recommend to get in contact with our support, so they can have a look directly on the system.

  • Hi all.

    Problem was a faulty HSTS configuration which comes from a paranoid co-worker.
    After we removed the HSTS config in apache everything is working fine again.

    Cheers Basti

  • @sebschremser
    So a good worker its settings gets degraded because someone else does not know howto setup things up…
    Thats a strange action in my opinion, i hope you dont have to comply to Privacy rules/Laws.

  • Hi @thctlo

    The “good” worker installed this server and webmeetings never worked with his hand-made config.
    Our sales team gave me the order to set up the TURN credentials. I just wanted to test if everything is working as expected. But it never did.
    Yes from my previos posts it looks like I installed webmeetings. But I just reinstalled it once. Yes I know reinstalling is a windows thing.

    Of course HSTS is a good thing. But I can accept the risk that apache connects unencrypted to localhost for webmeetings.
    Or is there a privacy law that I’m already breaking?
    I’m just a simple IT technician but surely i have to comply to privacy laws.

    In the end I just wanted to post the solution for this problem.

    Cheers Basti

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