debian 10 buster: kopano.ini missing

  • after the installation of kopano 8.7.0-2 out of the debian repositories on a debian 10 I got:

    root@kopano:~# phpenmod kopano
    WARNING: Module kopano ini file doesn’t exist under /etc/php/7.3/mods-available

    I could solve this by creating a new file

    ; Enable MAPI extension module
    ; Adding path with php mapi classes to include dir

  • Thanks for reporting, but you should report this @debian

  • Kopano

    To elaborate in what @thctlo said, the packages in the downstream Debian repositories are not made by the Kopano team but by external contributors (with some assistance by Kopano).

    I don’t think the maintainers are frequent to our forums, therefore to report problems in these packages it’s best to report them to the Debian maintainers. You find relevant information at

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