not localized foldernames (displayed in WebApp)

  • My system itself is not localized , but “German Umlaute” are displayed at

    the console
    and at the WebApp
    but Folders are still in english
    Therefore I’ve two questions:

    • How can I force the system to create German labeled folders for new users?
    • Ho can I rename folders to German for existing users?

    BTW: The script ./ terminates with

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "./", line 9, in <module>
        import kopano
    ImportError: No module named kopano

    Debian GNU/Linux buster/sid
    kopano-server 8.7.0

    any help is welcome
    kind regards

  • Hi @Robert

    To change the existing folder language to german, try the following command:

    kopano-localize-folders -u <user> --lang de_DE.utf8 --verbose

    If you want that all stores were created in the german language, create an admin.cfg file under /etc/kopano.
    This file should have this line in it:

    default_store_locale = de_DE.UTF-8

    So new mailboxes are beeing created in the german language.

    Cheers Basti

  • Hi Basti,

    unfortunaly both doesn’t work for me:

    • the admin.cfg is already in place - and doesn’t do anything

    • the kopano-localize-folders script doesn’t run cause of the missing “kopano module” as mentioned in my post

    May all this issues have something to do with the early stage of the debian 10 packets from nightly builds but the rest of the sytem works like charm…


  • Hi all,

    after a clean new setup ist work’s perfect at Debian 9 and kopano-server 8.7.80 and it seems to be working also at Debian 10 (not 100% sure yet).
    Problem was - may be - a mix up with kopano-packages from Debian 10 updated with packes from nightly build.

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