Senddate is changed to actual date after import

  • Re: Senddate is altered after import of eml (you send)

    We have the problem that for some mails that are imported with DeskApp the “senddate” and the “received date” is changed to the actual date. It depends of the view. If you have the Inbox list and include the colums “received” and “send”, the “sent” colum is displayed correct, the “received” colum is displayed wrong (with the actual date). If you open the mail the “senddate” is wrong (the actual date).
    This doesn’t happen with all emails. Till now i haven’t found the difference between the mails.
    This is really a serious problem because we save the exported EML-Files in our ERP-System linked to our customers. If we open the saved mails because of a claim of a customer we don’t see the “correct” date.

    Kopano Core: 8.7.0
    DeskApp: 2.1.9
    Ubuntu Server LTS 16.04.5

    List view:

    opened email:

  • Kopano

    Hi @ekpack,

    I have moved your post to the webapp subforum as to me this seems like simply mislabeled values in the webapp display.

  • Kopano

    Hi @ekpack,

    The issue you described is twofold:

    I’ve commited a fix for KW-1756

    I’m moving this ticket to core sub forum again, since KW-1756 won’t solve your actual issue. KC-1371 does :)

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