Kopano on ARM64

  • Hi,
    is there anybody to help me to install Kopano on ARM64 single-board computer? I want to setup a little privat server. I want to try and test it. It will work as an exchange alternative.

  • google pietma kopano Raspberry Pi 3, then what your looking for is on the first search page of google.
    There are arch Linux based kopano packages with postfixadmin as management interface.
    Somehere on his site he has a list of supported single-board devices.

  • Thanks! I’ll try it.

  • This sounds interesting.

    I would like to try it on my SBC’s but this is going to take time. And I cannot do it all alone might need some help from the community.

    Will look into the package first as I am new to Kopano and I can package it for Manjaro Linux as I am used to packaging apps for it.

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