Where is kopano-konnectd?

  • Hi *!

    I read about kopano-connect as OAuth2.0 service and wanted to play with it, but I cant find a package for it.

    Installed is KOE on Debian 8.11, and I cant find more than the Kopano OpenID Connect library:

    root@exchange64:~# apt-cache search konnect
    libkcoidc0 - Kopano OpenID Connect Library

    The service is not installed, either:

    root@exchange64:~# systemctl restart kopano-konnectd 
    Failed to restart kopano-konnectd.service: Unit kopano-konnectd.service failed to load: No such file or directory.

    Where can I find kopano-konnect?

    Thank you all!

  • Kopano

    @itserv ,

    kopano-konnectd is added since 8.7.0 but we decided to pull back that version from our supported repository for the moment and added 8.6.9 again so you won’t find it there anymore.

    If really needed the packages can still be accessed here https://download.kopano.io/supported/core:/8.7/ but do not use it in on a production environment as there are some caching issues at the moment with the 8.7 build.

    kopano-konnectd is also still available in the community packages.

  • @robing

    OK, got it. I’ll wait for a stable version.

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