DeskApp on a Windows Terminal Server

  • Hi,

    we have received the request from a customer to install the Kopano DeskApp on a Windows terminal server (about 50 concurrent users).

    Is the Kopano DeskApp optimized for terminal server sessions, or do I have to consider something?

    Does anyone have experience with such a setup?

    Thanks a lot for your input,


  • I don’t know the specific answer but as far as I know it is built around chromium i.e. a web browser, therefore if a normal web browser works, why shouldn’t deskapp work fine.

  • Well, the DeskApp consumes about 200MB of memory for a user and if I have 50 simultaneous users, then the terminal server needs at least 10 GB Ram only for the DeskApp. That’s a lot.

  • apologies, I thought you were referring only to the display.

    For the memory used, the easiest is perhaps to launch it on a machine and see how much memory it actually uses and then work out the specifications of the hardware you need.

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