• Hi,

    i tried to switch from zarafa to kopano. Most of the features are working so far. But there is one thing I cannot get to work. It’s the ability to send mails to groups.

    From my Mailserver logs i just see:

    test@example.com Mailbox temporarily unavailable (in reply to end of DATA command)


    Tue Mar 12 22:37:51 2019: [warning] Resolved recipient test@example.com is not a user
    Tue Mar 12 22:37:51 2019: [error  ] Unable to login for user "": unconfigured (8004011c)
    Tue Mar 12 22:37:51 2019: [error  ] HRESULT ProcessDeliveryToList(pym_plugin_intf*, IMAPISession*, FILE*, companyrecipients_t*, DeliveryArgs*): FindLowestAdminLevelSession failed: not found (8004010f)

    In fact it is right, this mail is not assigned to a user account but to a group. I checked everything. The exact same config is working for zarafa but not kopano.

    Any suggestions what I could do?

    Kind regards

  • Finally found my mistake in the postfix config.

    Just have a look at:

    And ensure that postfix can access the ldap.

    Kind regards

  • Sorry for jumping on an old thread. Can you elaborate slightly on this?

    I am having the exact same problem, but I’m not using ldap, I’m just using KopanoDB?