Hide information when printing.

  • This is a screenshot of a printed email.
    Information that I have now circled in red will be printed.
    How can I prevent this? ? This is not for anyone which e-mail system I use or which url I use. There must be a choice whether I want this or not. So we can’t use it in production.

    Anmerkung 2019-03-12 145901.jpg

    Christian Hartmann

  • Kopano

    When you open the print dialog, on the left side you see a dropdown with ‘other options’. When you uncheck headers/footers there, the information you circled will not be printed.


  • My God.

    I haven’t seen the forest for the trees.


    Geb ich gleich weiter.

    I’ll pass.

  • That’s a good opportunity. Everyone is happy now.

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