suddenly my calendar is calendar1

  • Hy!

    WebApp and DeskApp

    suddenly i got a 2nd calendar ‘calendar1’
    new appointments go to calendar1
    can’t delete calendar1
    can’t change standard calendar from calendar1 to calendar
    can’t get my appointments to calendar

    is there any solution on this??


  • Hi,

    we tried to fix this problem with this script:
    (thanks to Robin)

    import kopano
    import binascii
    def opt_args():
        parser = kopano.parser('skpcUP')
        parser.add_option("--user", dest="user", action="store", help="username")
        parser.add_option("--folder", dest="folder", action="store", help="foldername")
        return parser.parse_args()
    def main():
        options, args = opt_args()
        user = kopano.Server().user(options.user)
        folder =
        if folder.container_class != 'IPF.Appointment':
            print('folder {} is not an calendar folder'.format(
        print(folder.entryid, binascii.unhexlify(folder.entryid.encode('utf-8'))), binascii.unhexlify(folder.entryid.encode('utf-8')))
        print('folder {} is now the default calendar folder'.format(
    if __name__ == "__main__":

    It sets the default calender back to the original one.

    However, new appointment requests still appear in the ‘calendar1’.
    Should we just delete calendar1 now (which is now possible)?
    Or will this just cause to lose the appointment requests at all?

    Thanks for reading,

  • Kopano

    @JonnyCashCo If the meetings are in the calendar1 you will loose them. Maybe copy them over first.
    I’m more interested in the steps that lead to this extra calendar. Script? Migration?

    Also that’s something WebApp does not modifies, so I’m moving this to core section.

  • No migration and as far as I know no script.
    The user uses Microsoft Outlook. I guess that might be the problem.

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