DeskApp does not store window position

  • Hy!

    the problem is just with one user!!
    when the user moves the separator between the mail list and the mail view - during the session it is ok.
    but if you log off or exit the App and relogin, the positíon is reset to the default position.
    where and how can we fix this problem?

    it is not a problem of the OS or Computer!!


  • Kopano


    When enabled (in the code) position in stored in the state settings of WebApp settings.
    Make a backup of the profile settings and do a reset. See if that helps.

  • we made a reset of the WebApp settings and deleted the profile from the clients DeskApp.
    reconfigured all settings within a new profile and at the moment it looks good so far!


  • Hy!

    just lasts about 5 starts of the DeskApp.
    posiition isn’t stored again

    someone any further ideas?!?


  • one step further!!!

    versions are the latest stable

    the DeskApp is parted in 3 sections: (vertical)
    *) folder view
    *) mail list
    *) mail preview

    the normal setting is - beside the folder view - mail list and preview share the space 50/50.
    if you move the devider from the mail list/mail preview to a percentage higher than 50% , close and reopen the DeskApp, the position is the same as closed. if you move the devider under 50% - for a bigger mail preview -, close and reopen the Deskapp, the position is restored to 50/50.

    well, no bad idea, but is there any possibility to set this “reset value” to 40/30 %???!?
    does this depend on screen resolutions?!?


  • Hy!

    Any Ideas??

    where is this Position stored? file, database, registry, …?


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