Error converting MAPI to MIME: 0x80004005

  • Hello,

    i’m in charge of a small UCS installation where the customer uses Kopano Core and has an issue after the recent update. Core Version is 8.6.8. The customer has no Kopano subscription so they are stick to what UCS is uploading into their App Store.

    Outlook Users report issues with pulling new mails:

    [Wed Feb 27 18:57:34 2019: [ZGateway POP3|T10334] [error ] Error converting MAPI to MIME: 0x80004005
    Wed Feb 27 18:57:34 2019: [ZGateway POP3|T10334] [debug ] -ERR [SYS/PERM] Converting MAPI to MIME error]

    It seems the reason is they received a mail which has mixed RTF and HTML content aswell as some attachments.

    What is the recommended way to analyze the issue? I only see the error reported in the gateway.log file not in dagent or spooler log, so i have no idea where to start figuring out what informations i need to collect to file a bug report.

    Any help is appreciated.



  • Kopano

    Hi @entirenet,

    this is a known effect with the specific version in the Univention appcenter. Customers with a valid subscription can update to a more recent version, where this issue has been fixed.

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