Disclaimer does not work anymore.

  • Hi,

    I did an upgrade of Kopano from 8.4 to 8.7 last Friday.
    Now the former defined Disclaimer doesnt work anymore and I get the Error-Messages in ‘/var/log/kopano/spooler.log’ mentioned below.

    Tue Feb 26 14:29:32 2019: [=======] Starting kopano-spooler version 8.7.0 (pid 3505 uid 999)
    Tue Feb 26 14:29:33 2019: [error  ] [ 3505] !-- error: name 'unicode' is not defined
    Tue Feb 26 14:29:33 2019: [error  ] [ 3505] !- Plugin 'Disclaimer.PreSending' call ignored please check the plugin
    Tue Feb 26 14:33:00 2019: [warning] Config warning: Option "always_send_utf8" has no effect anymore, and will be removed in a future release

    Is it perhaps a version-conflict of pyhthon? I read that their was a change of datatype-names between python 2.x to 3.x. ‘unicode’ to ‘str’ for example. If I have understood that correctly.
    At the moment my main-package of python is v2.7. But the their were changes of some python-associated packages to Python3-ones as the aptitude-log says.

    Aptitude 0.7.4: log report
    Fr, Feb 22 2019 20:01:08 +0100
      IMPORTANT: this log only lists intended actions; actions which fail
      due to dpkg problems may not be completed.
    Will install 60 packages, and remove 33 packages.
    313 MB of disk space will be used
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] javascript-common:amd64 11
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] kopano-presence:amd64
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] libgsoap-kopano-2.8.57:amd64 2.8.57-0+2.1
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] libjs-jquery:amd64 1.11.3+dfsg-4
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] libkchl0:amd64
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] libkcmapi0:amd64
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] libkcssl0:amd64
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] libkcsync0:amd64
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] mktemp:amd64 8.25-2ubuntu3~16.04
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-blinker:amd64 1.3.dfsg2-1build1
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-cffi-backend:amd64 1.5.2-1ubuntu1
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-cryptography:amd64 1.2.3-1ubuntu0.2
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-dateutil:amd64 2.4.2-1
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-dnspython:amd64 1.12.0-1
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-enum34:amd64 1.1.2-1
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-flask:amd64 0.10.1-2build2
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-gnupg:amd64 0.3.8-2
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-idna:amd64 2.0-3
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-ipaddress:amd64 1.0.16-1
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-itsdangerous:amd64 0.24+dfsg1-1
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-jinja2:amd64 2.8-1
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-kopano:amd64
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-mapi:amd64
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-markupsafe:amd64 0.23-2build2
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-openssl:amd64 0.15.1-2ubuntu0.2
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-pyasn1:amd64 0.1.9-1
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-pyasn1-modules:amd64 0.0.7-0.1
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-pyinotify:amd64 0.9.6-0fakesync1
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-six:amd64 1.10.0-3
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-sleekxmpp:amd64 1.3.1-4
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-socks:amd64 1.5.0+dfsg-4
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-werkzeug:amd64 0.10.4+dfsg1-1ubuntu1.1
    [REMOVE, NOT USED] python-xapian:amd64 1.2.22-2build1
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] amd64-microcode:amd64 3.20180524.1~ubuntu0.16.04.2
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] intel-microcode:amd64 3.20180807a.0ubuntu0.16.04.1
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] iucode-tool:amd64 1.5.1-1ubuntu0.1
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] kopano-python-utils:amd64
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] libgsoap-kopano-2.8.74:amd64 2.8.74-0+1.1
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] libhx28:amd64 3.22-1
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] libjsoncpp1:amd64 1.7.2-1
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] libkcoidc0:amd64 0.4.4-0+1.1
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] libkcpyplug0:amd64
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] libkcrosie0:amd64
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] libtidy5:amd64 5.1.9-1.3
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] libxapian-1.3-5:amd64 1.3.4-0ubuntu6
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] libxmlsec1:amd64 1.2.20-2ubuntu4
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] libxmlsec1-openssl:amd64 1.2.20-2ubuntu4
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] linux-headers-4.4.0-142:amd64 4.4.0-142.168
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] linux-headers-4.4.0-142-generic:amd64 4.4.0-142.168
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] linux-image-4.4.0-142-generic:amd64 4.4.0-142.168
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] linux-image-extra-4.4.0-142-generic:amd64 4.4.0-142.168
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] php-mbstring:amd64 1:7.0+35ubuntu6.1
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] php7.0-mbstring:amd64 7.0.33-0ubuntu0.16.04.1
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] python-tz:amd64 2014.10~dfsg1-0ubuntu2
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] python3-bsddb3:amd64 6.1.0-1build2
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] python3-cffi-backend:amd64 1.5.2-1ubuntu1
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] python3-cryptography:amd64 1.2.3-1ubuntu0.2
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] python3-dateutil:amd64 2.4.2-1
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] python3-idna:amd64 2.0-3
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] python3-kopano:amd64
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] python3-kopano-search:amd64
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] python3-kopano-utils:amd64
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] python3-magic:amd64 1:5.25-2ubuntu1.1
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] python3-mapi:amd64
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] python3-openssl:amd64 0.15.1-2ubuntu0.2
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] python3-pyasn1:amd64 0.1.9-1
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] python3-tz:amd64 2014.10~dfsg1-0ubuntu2
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] python3-xapian1.3:amd64 1.3.4-0ubuntu1
    [INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] ubuntu-advantage-tools:amd64 10ubuntu0.16.04.1
    [UPGRADE] kopano-backup:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] kopano-client:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] kopano-common:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] kopano-contacts:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] kopano-dagent:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] kopano-gateway:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] kopano-ical:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] kopano-monitor:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] kopano-search:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] kopano-server:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] kopano-server-packages:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] kopano-spooler:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] kopano-utils:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] kopano-webapp:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] libkcinetmapi0:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] libkcserver0:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] libkcsoap0:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] libkcutil0:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] linux-generic:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] linux-headers-generic:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] linux-image-generic:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] open-vm-tools:amd64 2:10.0.7-3227872-5ubuntu1~16.04.1 -> 2:10.2.0-3~ubuntu0.16.04.1
    [UPGRADE] php7-mapi:amd64 ->
    [UPGRADE] ubuntu-minimal:amd64 1.361.1 -> 1.361.2
    Log complete.

    The disclaimer-script in ‘/usr/share/kopano-spooler/python/plugins/disclaimer.py’ still uses the name ‘unicode’.
    Does the issue perhaps depend on a non-updated/buggy(?) ‘disclaimer.py’ or a wrong version of python-packages?

    Has anybody some ideas?

    • Thank you!

  • Hi @nonic ,
    this was fixed with commit c6d973a7e9d.

  • Kopano

    Hi @nonic ,

    I build containing a fix for this (and some other things) has yesterday been uploaded to https://download.kopano.io/supported/core:/pre-final/.

    Can you give this a try and report back if the issue was resolved afterwards?

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