Kopano Archiver and Public Folder

  • Hello,
    I test a multiserver setup with 1 Master with Public Store and 1 Archivserver.
    I tested 8.7 and 8.69.
    Everything works fine, mail in/out, Webapp, Archiving of User etc.etc.
    Know I want to archiv the public folder, but nothing happening. User archiving works fine.
    kopano-achiver -A don’t work for public folder
    As I use the movetopublic.py script my first ideer was simply turn on the archiver funktion in the dagent config and archive all incomming.
    public folder = my-public-folder
    public folder email = my-public-folder-mail@xxxx.net
    kopano-admin shows that my-public-folder-mail@xxxx.net has a store and a archive-store. The store is empty because movetopublic sends the email into a folder in the public store, thats works fine. But the archiv store is still empty. It think the movetopublic runs before the archiving funktion.
    Normal user works fine with dagent archiving and kopano-archiver.

    I would be very grateful if anyone can tell me how to archiv this public store mails.

  • Kopano

    Hi @jhansen ,

    kopano-archiver only works on individual mailboxes (active and inactive users), but not on the public folder.

  • Hello,
    thanks for the answer, that explained my trouble.

    But it is still a problem for me and I must look to find a solution.
    Here in in germany a archive must save everything or it is not law compliant if you use it in a company.
    Or in other words, you can’t use kopano archiver in a company in germany if you use publicfolder.
    Mayby it is a ideer for future updates.
    But at least i know why it din’t work and i must find another way to do it.

    Thanks again.

    Regards Joerg

  • Kopano

    Hi @jhansen ,

    since the archive isn’t immutable afaik it anyway does not qualify as a gdpr complaint archiving solution. This is btw also not what it was designed for. The archiver is more of a performance optimisation tool, where you offload old emails to slower storage (a second kopano-server process with its own database running on a different/slower setup).

    The general recommendation is always to use an external mail archive (like for example Benno Mail), which is actually certified to be a compliant archiving solution.

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