Share individual folders

  • Hello,

    if I share the folder “Inbox”, I can add this to the user via “Open Shared Mails -> Inbox”. However, if I share the folder “Sent Items”, it does not appear under “Open Shared Mails”. Am I only able to share the folder “Inbox” or “Entire Inbox” and not individual folders?

  • Kopano

    Hi @Oli_mt,

    Yes, it is currently only possible to open ‘top level folders’ (e.g. Inbox, Calendar etc.), or the entire inbox.

  • Hello Bob,

    many thanks for your response. Is it planned to release folders like “Sent Items” in the near future? There is the possibility to give another user the rights “send as”. Now this user can not access the “sent items” if I do not give him full access to my mailbox.

    best regards

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