Kopano desktapp lost profile

  • Hello
    Linux Ubuntu 18.04 PXE readonly client
    user homes are mounted by NFS
    Kopano deskapp lost profile if computer shutted down by lost power with running kopano deskapp.
    After new start and trying kopano launch it write , that profile is damaged.

    I have played this this problem about one week.
    If i copy .config/Kopano Deskapp folder to new/folder/Kopano Deskapp , remove .config/Kopano Deskapp and then copy
    new/folder/Kopano Deskapp to .config/Kopano Deskapp back it works again!
    And there is no differents with this 2 folders by diff command.

  • nobody care?

    i wrote some temporally “fix”, it’s an ugly solution, but I don’t want to dive into the kopano code now


    /opt/pxe/kopano_app_fix.sh &


    #!/usr/bin/env bash
    _KOPANO_FIX () {
        if [ -d /home/$USER/.config/Kopano\ DeskApp/ ]; then
        cp -r /home/$USER/.config/Kopano\ DeskApp/Default/ /tmp/
        rm -r /home/$USER.config/Kopano\ DeskApp/Default/
        mv /tmp/Default/ /home/$USER/.config/Kopano\ DeskApp/

  • Kopano

    Hi @Constin ,

    please keep in mind that this is a community forum. If you are depending on answers its always better to open up a case with our support.

  • I don’t have paid subscription to support. And i don’t wait that somebody will fix it immediately for me.
    But i’d like to know, that kopano Deskapp maintainers now know about this existing problem with sql-lite DB.

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