Sending as distribution list fails

  • I got a ticket open for approximatly one week now (KS-42570), but I am interested whether someone of you also having the same problem.

    If you set up a distribution list in active-directory and add a user-permission to this list, which says that the user can send as… using the emailadress of the distribution list we get an mailer-daemon:

    Unfortunately, kopano-spooler was unable to deliver your mail.
    The error given was:
    The user/group,  which is used for send as can not be found...
    You may need to contact your e-mail administrator to solve this problem.

    In spooler.log:

    Tue Feb 19 07:53:04 2019: [debug  ] [ 2584] Sending e-mail for user user1, subject: "Test from", size: 3682
    Tue Feb 19 07:53:04 2019: [info   ] [ 2584] Unable to open representing user in addressbook: unknown entryid (80040201)
    Tue Feb 19 07:53:04 2019: [error  ] [ 2584] HRESULT CheckSendAs(IAddrBook*, IMsgStore*, IMAPISession*, KC::ECSender*, ULONG, LPENTRYID, ULONG, LPENTRYID, bool*, IMsgStore**): OpenEntry failed(1): unknown entryid (80040201)
    Tue Feb 19 07:53:04 2019: [error  ] [ 2584] User "<unknown>" is not allowed to send as user or group "<unknown>". You may enable all outgoing addresses by enabling the always_send_delegates option.

    Perhaps someone has the same issue, or have got some hints…


  • Hi,

    NOT THE SOLUTION, cause it ignores the permissions, if you use the following parameter (Thought I solved it):

    always_send_delegates = yes

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