Kopano client for mobile devices? (android, iphone, ipad, ...)

  • Is there already a Kopano client for mobile devices? (for android phones, iphones, ipad, etc.)
    If no, when will there be a stable version of the Kopano client for mobile devices?
    If yes, is there a demo/development version I can test?

    If there won’t be a mobile client soon, which client do you recommend for android phones and iphones? Are there other apps for mobiles that you can recommend additionally to a mail client for other groupware features?

  • Kopano

    Hi @amy,

    if its the groupware data you are after then the native clients of your mobile devices are still your best choice (if you are looking for some extra functionality then Nine on Android is quite nice, have not tested their ios version).

    We have recently started designing new clients which will be available as so called Progressive Web Apps (PWA), which means they nicely integrate with your local os. One example for this is the recently releases Kopano Meet (https://kopano.com/blog/kopano-meet-its-nice-to-meet-you/), it will still take quite a until all groupware features will be available as PWAs, though.

  • For Android I use the following:

    • nine email which is a great program
    • Task & Notes for… tasks and notes. Nine does that too, but I prefer this program for these.

  • thank you for your answers!

    @fbartels Is there already a release date for the new client or a demo version which I can show to my CEOs?

  • Kopano

    @amy if you like I can forward your email address to our sales guys so they can provide you with some mockups.

  • @fbartels yes please forward my mail address to the sales guys for mockups.

  • Kopano

    Hi @amy,

    meanwhile we have had a small webinar where we presented about our general direction and also showed some mockups. You can see a recording at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz2iDNHu9JI (also look at the other videos from the same day).

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