Synchronize distribution list with Kopano group

  • Situation: a company has offices at different locations. There should be a possibility to send a mail to all kopano users on the same location. The server admin does not know who works at which location. So this list is at best maintained by a responsible person for that location (I’ll call that a “location maintainer”). This person doesn’t have administrative rights nor console access to the kopano server. On the other hand each location should be a kopano group to manage acces rights.

    How can this be achieved using kopano with the db plugin? I think this could be easier with the ldap plugin, but this is unfortunately not an option. I know that each group can also be addressed as mail recipient, so it works like a distribution list, too. But this can only be managed by a server admin and not by a “location maintainer”

    At the moment each location maintainer created a distribution list in the public folder. The server admin created manually from that list a kopano group with the same name. The problem is to keep both in sync. First of all there seems to be no easy way to get all mail adresses in a distribution list, because you can’t copy it from Web/DeskApp. I tried but this lists only the names of the distribution list and not the members. By the way: this worked only after installed unicodecsv and imported it as ‘csv’ because of umlauts.

    Is there any easy way to get all members of a distribution list? I’m not afraid to do some programming with python-kopano api, but don’t know how much efford this will be.

    Is there any other solution for the described situation?

  • Kopano

    Hi @s_wolff ,

    if you would be using ldap, then you could realise this with the so called “dynamic groups”.

    I am confident that you can use python-kopano to read out (and modify) groups in a public folder, but since I am not a python developer I cannot tell you how.

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