Calendar Events Sync Problem & Read Unread mail issue happens frequently

  • Whenever we sent Calendar Events its after accepting its not added in Calendar also mails not goes to Sender. Also we have found read and unread problem is happening frequently.

  • Kopano

    Hi @kiran,

    this needs way more information. Like:

    • what client are you using?
    • are you using Kopano at all?
    • which versions of our software are you using?
    • what kind of os?
    • error messages? Logging at the time this happens?

  • What client are you using ?

    We are using Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, Android Nine & Outlook App, IPhone default app

    Are you using Kopano at all ?

    We are using Z Push only

    which versions of our software are you using ?

    We are not using your softwares

    What kind of os ?

    CentOS 7

    error messages? Logging at the times this happens?

    When we accept the invitation its not giving any error but we event is not added on Calendar and notification is not reached to sender.

  • Kopano

    @kiran ok, I have moved you over to the z-push subsection.

    It still remains open which version (of z-push then) you are using. For z-push which backends you are using. I can only say that the things you mentioned work with z-push and Kopano, have never used this with any other the other backends.

  • Hi,
    Thank you for the information. We have our product which is based on Centos, Postfix (SMTP) and Cyrus (Pop and Imap). Can I use kopano groupware only for active sync and webmail. We have raised query to Kopano team but not received any update from last 2 days.

  • Kopano

    Hi @kiran ,

    Kopano is designed to also be your mail storage. Trying to work around this will lead to a sub par user experience.

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