kopano-cli don't work with umlaut (solved)

  • kopano-cli --list-users 
    User list for Default (89):
                User           Full Name          Homeserver                                   Store
       Administrator       Administrator                mail        C76367A4E8174242BB25134535579F6
    here should be name with ä
    'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe9' in position 2: ordinal not in range(128)

    and this problem always with all kopano python old outdated scripts.

  • Kopano

    Hi @Constin ,

    which version of kopano are you running. umlauts (and other special chars) are no problem on my system:

    # kopano-cli --list-users
    User list for Default (41):
                User           Full Name          Homeserver                                   Store
                1234                1234             Unknown        7D47AB9F8384475194227CCA9372E32B
              SYSTEM              SYSTEM             Unknown        8962FFEFFB7B4D639BC5967C4BB58234
               admin               admin             Unknown        2793BC3A3A634463A2155D593CCB084E
              beamer              beamer             Unknown        788697272C6D463FA7D8FFACAF056930
             beamer1             beamer1             Unknown        674B8D5FD2514A07B998EA856B67F845
             beamer2             beamer2             Unknown        D4E2ACB8A7EB40E4888778BCD90DAF02
                 bob            Bob Test             Unknown        F28F3C38ACAC41DF8348F2766A4FC8D0
         die-der-rikDiederik Donker NO CERT             Unknown        86FAC21272D8480997732B9D3E563CC8
               jellexn--jll vn dr w-o7aga1icg             Unknown        54DE98B17F744BD2AECFD79143032647
             martijn        martijn Test             Unknown        AF3B350DFD2A4D739AF7F14B9B506684
         meetingroom         meetingroom             Unknown        4C59183193D84D4F881B596C2E3C4744
        meetingroom2        meetingroom2             Unknown        D18976256A414C888920F00090C80DDA
        meetingroom3        meetingroom3             Unknown        D62CF1B4A195486CA77B52A7E6D5107D
               robin          robin Test             Unknown        093FE870E6174FE69686B0E363BA35C0
           sharedbox           sharedbox             Unknown        DBBFA464795D482F93757F2630AA8884
             testing             testing             Unknown        90F7740F6B93400697F7C9C5E1943609
            testing2            testing2             Unknown        837A2A92D12C4FFC99D337408F3D268A
        trainingroom        trainingroom             Unknown        8134D48612E44A1C80F6B5E73497EE7B
               user1        Jonas Brekke             Unknown        10C03AE38FB5462FAA526B1584142ABB
              user10          红梅 容             Unknown        E25CAF8B71C84811AF1434641BF6EC8D
              user11             雪 何             Unknown        55F890FEC13C42E79C45630EB3EF523F
              user12श्‍यामा श्रेष्ठ             Unknown        2993DE51329C469183916E4768F71FB5
              user13Klaus Dieter Segebahn             Unknown        951C5C5BE44D44308621AB2AB9FBC9A3
              user14     Aleksandra Kade             Unknown        A6C4F78E14F74C24B652F5436AE199DF
              user15     Alford Predovic             Unknown        F8A4924501394141A0B461BB725335BC
              user16     Roberto Collins             Unknown        B3556546639A46F3898FC7AECA6C7943
              user17         Owen Koster             Unknown        002CA2ED8D8F4A95BCDE900C74F03058
              user18      Florian de Roo             Unknown        91DFC16AE53D401785F551359FD0EF4B
              user19    Leopoldine Sauer             Unknown        C246ACD0AF17454A8568333C4626B8B7
               user2Timmothy Schöwalter             Unknown        AF628A9A9C9F42F1805268D39C43FC36
              user20   Niko Liebelt & Co             Unknown        9CE149A33D3D47E3937F4FBEAB269487
              user21          建军 任             Unknown        757AB8FB76A04C9F82E5E89D37A23195
              user22     Juliana Langern             Unknown        4EFEEE1B41BE41E8A9BF20E6556609D5
              user23Katarina NO PUB CERT Sager             Unknown        4E6700FD76CF4A4FBF562E54679AC140
               user3       Marijn Peters             Unknown        46AD88BF626748B88FC9F629E351E530
               user4चिरनजीवी र‌जितकार             Unknown        425A744AB3644B1EBD0DB80C8317D6C4
               user5        Joep Goderts             Unknown        E5231E016F434305B33953611BFE43F1
               user6       Roy Pettersen             Unknown        D501A22F171C42D9B4E270F3261E2D60
               user7        Lívia Rocha             Unknown        C459FD22966243BEADD1BA1D6EEA02D3
               user8        Joakim Lunde             Unknown        BA5E1CC4172149ADB5DEAB0298723479
               user9स्‍वीकृती तिवारी             Unknown        F23A937809BB4E68BAB2AD51DFDFF3F5

  • kopano-core as UCS modul  version

    kopano-cli run python2 and if i try to use python3 it tell me that there is no module named ‘kopano_cli’

    also kopano-storeadm -O don’t show me errors , but it don’t show me full user list.

  • Kopano

    @Constin are you by any chance connecting via ssh from macos when calling these applications?

    kopano-storeadm is not supposed to list users.

  • are you by any chance connecting via ssh from macos when calling these applications?

    yes, ssh from macos

  • Kopano

    @Constin For whatever reason the macos terminal does not do utf-8 by default. Not a mac user myself, but does this help? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4606570/os-x-terminal-utf-8-issues

  • @fbartels said in kopano-cli don'twotk with umlaut:


    Great! thank you. i test it direct from GUI Linux machine - all ok.
    Now i know the problem and can solve it.
    Thx again, i thought that kopano team didn’t update cli :) good to know , that i was wrong.

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