Deskapp community Windows 1.2.89 idle--slow

  • Hi
    i tryed to install the desktapp.
    One click installation works easy but the startscreen slows down. There are click - delays and after creation of a profile, the Deskapp reacts with delays from 5-10 seconds.

    System: Ẃindows 8.1 pro 64 Bit

    On Ubuntu Desktop with Deskapp there are no problems.
    any Ideas ?

  • Kopano


    I also use DeskApp on Windows 8.1 64-bit.
    Everything works just fine without any delays.

    What do you mean by “One click installation”? The MSI install?

    Where exactly do you have the delays?
    How much resources does DeskApp consume (taskmanager)?

    Can you also try to use the -devel package, and observe network and console in devtools (press F12) to open it.


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