Broadcast problem with ActiveSync Smartphone

  • Hello everyone.

    Before explaining my problem, I present my situation. I installed Kopano Mail on my corporate server which works great on my PC.

    Except that for some time now, I’ve been trying in a certain way to be able to broadcast mail using a mailing list, with my smartphone, except that with ActivSynch, there is a synchronization problem, because I can not not broadcast with my smartphone, but I do it well with my PC.

    What is being done to fix this so I can stream from my smartphone?

    Thank you for your answers.

  • Kopano

    Hi @Exziz ,

    did you use an automatic translation tool? your posting reads a bit strange. “broadcast mail”, “stream from my smartphone”.

    It reads like you want to sent a mail to a group, that is defined in your gab. is that correct? to be able to sent to such a group the group needs to have an email address assigned. This can afaik only be done when using the ldap backend of Kopano, though.

    If this does not help then you probably need to post the versions you are using, how you have created your “mailing list” and which error messages you get when trying to sent from your phone.

    PS: I have moved you question into the Z-Push section.

  • Hello to you

    Thank you for your reply.

    Forgive my mastery of English, but google translation helps me a lot. (I am French)


    The problem is that when I sync my Kopano account on my iPhone or Android,

    when I want to send an email from the mailing list, it does not appear on my phone.

    Is it necessary, as you said, that the broadcast group must systematically have an

    @mail associated with the broadcast?

    Thank you

  • Kopano

    @Exziz nothing to be sorry about. was just wondering.

    @Exziz said in Broadcast problem with ActiveSync Smartphone:

    when I want to send an email from the mailing list, it does not appear on my phone

    so this distribution list is then inside of your personal contact folder? If that is the case then unfortunately this is expected since these distribution lists are not part of the activesync standard and are therefore not transferred to the phone.

  • hi again,
    thx for you answer.
    From what i understand i might have missed a step. How do I access to the gab exactly?
    i created the contact and list with my personnal mail account not in the admin board of univention. Is that where my problem comes from?
    about the ldap, what do i need to do?

  • Kopano

    these are two things (and sadly its not really clearly explained in our webapp manual).

    You can have contact folders, which are part of your store. so when you go to “contacts” in the webapp you will see this folder and its content. this contact folder is in most cases something user specific (and potentially private to the user), but you can also have this folder in shared accounts and public folders. In relation to z-push this is what will be synced to your contacts app on your phone.

    And then there is the global address book (gab). this is a list of users on your own server. The admin can also create contacts and groups there. this data is by default not synced to your phone, but when you are on your email application and you type a name, then this will also be queried and displayed.

  • Okay I see what you mean, therefore, so that synchronization does this, what exactly should you configure via UCS to synchronize Z-Push? I managed a moment ago to create in the mailing list tab in “mail” a mail address, and I have added users in this list. Maitenenant what to do according to you given that I synchronize the account create in mail on my smartphone

    Sorry for my english ^^


  • Kopano

    @Exziz that last sentence did not really make it out of the translation tool as a whole.

    so just to repeat:

    1. you cannot have groups/distribution lists in your own users contacts, as they will not synchronise
    2. if you have groups in your gab, then you need to assign an email address to them so that you can actually send an email to it.

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