Accessing Public Folders via IMAP

  • Hi,

    What would be the proper way to access contents of public folder via IMAP when

    imap_public_folders     =       yes

    in gateway.cfg ?

    Because fetchmail and thunderbird tell me there are no folders or any content in the public folder when connection via imap (folder itself is accessible but without content)

    When logging in via Web/DeskApp with the same user Public Folder and contents can be opened without a problem.

    Even with

    log_level = 6 

    the only public folder related thing i get is

    [debug  ] [14365] Initializing provider "Public Folders"

    when connecting.

    What am i missing here?

    Best regards,
    Bernhard Strobl

  • Hi Bernhard,

    Did you solve the problem?

    Best regards,

  • No, this problem still exists.

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