log entries when using Outlook 2016 as active sync client

  • Hi there!

    I am using z-push 2.3.4 to connect Outlook 2016 to the nightly build of kopano.

    I see a lot of these log entries in z-push.log, whenever I move or delete an email:

    11/01/2017 17:57:18 [ 4868] [WARN] [xxxxx] StatusException: ExportChangesICS->InitializeExporter(): Error, mapi_exportchanges_config() failed: 0xFFFFFFFF8004011C - code: 12 - file: /var/.../backend/kopano/exporter.php:225
    11/01/2017 17:57:18 [ 4868] [WARN] [xxxxx] SyncCollections->CountChange(): exporter can not be re-configured due to state error, emulating change in folder to force Sync.

    Can I ignore these entries or do I have to change something?

  • Kopano

    It probably totally unrelated, but again the build from https://github.com/hdecarne/gentoo-extras-overlay/tree/master/net-mail/kopanocore or this time the official Kopano packages?

    I did a quick check internally and this error is known to happen when Outlook tries to synchronise folders that since the initial sync were deleted on the server or changed id.

    It will go away if you recreate the profile in Outlook. We are still scratching our heads for a better solution.

  • Hi Felix,

    yes, I am using that ebuild - because there is no official gentoo package so far.
    As gentoo is a meta distribution, it takes the actual repoistory from git and compiles it on my gentoo machine.

    I just tried and deleted my profile in Outlook and recreated it.
    Device ID canged when having a look with z-push-admin - but the error is still present, when I delete an email.

    the log entry does not appear, when I move/delete a single mail.
    it appear even after creating a new profile, when deleting all mails via “right-click” --> “Ordner leeren” (means: delete all mails in trash)

    My Outlook computer is not in the same network as the server. It is connected via DSL and VPN.
    Maybe the problem is just a too slow connection that leads to sync problems.


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