Active store misteriously changed to shared

  • Hello everyone!
    I am using Kopano with UCS. I had an user with active kopano account for testing purposes. Today I updated UCS to 4-3-3 release, as well as packages. Afterwards I tried to login with the test account mentioned above - it was not possible. I first thought there is something wrong with authentication, but login as another user was successful. Then I checked the Kopano Tab of the test-user account and saw that the store was set as Shared.
    Is it possible that somehow this happened automatically? (may be a silly question but I cannot stop wondering)
    Is there a log where I can see when this change happened?

  • Kopano

    Hi @KaBi ,

    the kopano-server does not log (not on the default logging anyways) when a user in the ldap has been changed. Maybe Univention keeps such logs, but that is probably better answered in their forum.

  • Ok, I will try asking there. Thank you!

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