Migration from single-instance to multi-tenancy

  • Hello Kopano-Team and forum,

    we are an organisation group with multiple companies, sharing the same physical network and mailserver.
    currently we use only one mta, domain and the kopano-single-instance.

    Since we are expanding and we need to seperate the network into several subnets, domains and datastores, we want to use the multi-tenancy function from kopano.

    I’ve looked into the installation guide but im a bit curious about the migration. If we use a new installation from Kopano maybe this is an easier task but this is still a mammoth-project.

    We will switch from one domain to 4, maybe 5 domains which should use the same mta and mailsrv but different tenancys.
    Currently we are in the investigation/planning phase and need to seperate the domains first, but maybe its better to get all the information first.

    are there any futher steps we need to do then described in the installation guide for multi-tenancy?

    if you need more information about the environment, do not hesitate to ask :)
    Any help is gladly seen


  • Kopano

    Hi @Coffee_is_life ,

    you should for example check if your subscription covers support for multi tenancy setup.

    Its been a while since I went over the instructions for it in the manual, but I don’t think anything fundamental was missing from the manual in this regard.

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