Zarafa and imapsync --authuser feature

  • Is it possible to transfer messages to/from Zarafa (or Kopano) with imapsync using --authuser feature (without knowing users passwords)? When I tried it with the following command: imapsync.exe --host1 --user1 "user" --authuser1 "admin" --password1 "adminPass" ... imapsync authenticated successfully, but it started to transfer admins emails instead of users.

  • Kopano

    Hi @ilmix ,

    the gateway does not understand that it should show a different mailbox, than the one that was authenticated with. But when giving the process itself admin permissions (through connecting directly to the unix socket with a ´local_admin_user´ will make it ignore wrong passwords.

    This is also explained in the old zarafa wiki:

  • @fbartels Thanks for the reply, but I’m not sure I fully understand. Which process do you mean? Are you saying I should run imapsync with user that is added to ‘local_admin_user’? Or does changing server_socket in gateway.cfg to file:///var/run/zarafa (as described in wiki) makes zarafa run with admin permissions?

  • Kopano

    The last of these two

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