WebApp 3.5.1 final available

  • Kopano

    WebApp 3.5.1 was uploaded to the final directory. In this release we’ve introduced the following functionality:

    Keyword Query Language support for search

    Keyword Query Language (KQL) can now be used inside the search bar.
    Supported search queries and combinations are:


    You can use either : or = in a query. Examples:

    body:kopano AND attachment:annoucement.txt
    sender=John Snow AND NOT subject=nothing

    There are a few known issues related to the “OR” syntax and searching for email address.
    We are currently looking into these issues. Corresponding tickets: KC-1385 and KW-2939

    Various other improvements:

    • Disable “What’s new dialog” for all users. Can be found in config.php.dist
    • Icon colors can be adjusted in JSON themes. Only ‘Breeze’ icon set is supported.
    • PHP memory reduced in Global Address Book
    • Bug fix with mail counters and notifications when kopano-server was started again
    • Shared calendars are loaded alphabetically in hierarchy
    • And many more…

    The complete changelog can be found here.

    Updating can be done through the repositories, packages can be downloaded from the portal or from the download server. For community members, nightly packages are available here.

    If you have feedback, we’d love to hear it here in the forum.

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