How to configure permissions as administrator for shared mailboxes

  • Lets create some users:

    kopano-cli --create --user liam --name=liam --fullname=liam --password-prompt --active=yes
    kopano-cli --create --user noah --name=noah --fullname=noah --password-prompt --active=yes
    kopano-cli --create --user william --name=william --fullname=william --password-prompt --active=yes
    kopano-cli --create --user benjamin --name=benjamin --fullname=benjamin --password-prompt --active=yes
    kopano-cli --create --user mason --name=mason --fullname=mason --password-prompt --active=yes
    kopano-cli --create --user elijah --name=elijah --fullname=elijah --password-prompt --active=yes
    kopano-cli --create --user oliver --name=oliver --fullname=oliver --password-prompt --active=yes
    kopano-cli --create --user jacob --name=jacob --fullname=jacob --password-prompt --active=yes
    kopano-cli --create --user james --name=james --fullname=james --password-prompt --active=yes
    kopano-cli --create --user logan --name=logan --fullname=logan --password-prompt --active=yes

    Create two groups

    kopano-cli --create --group helpdesk
    kopano-cli --create --group finance

    Add people into the groups

    kopano-cli --add-user liam --group helpdesk
    kopano-cli --add-user noah --group helpdesk
    kopano-cli --add-user william --group helpdesk
    kopano-cli --add-user benjamin --group helpdesk
    kopano-cli --add-user mason --group helpdesk
    kopano-cli --add-user elijah --group helpdesk
    kopano-cli --add-user oliver --group helpdesk
    kopano-cli --add-user jacob --group helpdesk
    kopano-cli --add-user james --group finance
    kopano-cli --add-user logan --group finance

    Create shared mailboxes

    kopano-cli --create --user helpdesk --name=helpdesk --fullname=helpdesk --active=no
    kopano-cli --create --user finance --name=finance --fullname=finance --active=no

    I would like all users in group helpdesk see the shared mailbox helpdesk in WebApp including full control of emails and sending emails as the user helpdesk. How can I configure this as administrator?

  • Kopano

    Hi @Blinkiz ,

    with the db plugin afair all groups are by default security groups. This means you can just assign acls to if (for example through webapp).

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