Folder permissions show no users

  • Hi,

    There are no users in the GAB list when configuring folder permissions and delegations.

    I am running a multi tenant server with openLDAP. When configuring folder permissions on private or public folders there are no users in the GAB, only everyone and SYSTEM. So it is impossible to give permissions to a user in WebApp.

    However, on the commandline we can give permissions with the “kopano-mailbox-permissions” tool. The given permissions are working and are visible in WebApp but it is not posible to add a new user with permissions in WebApp.

    The GAB works fine when sending an email. All users are present in the list.
    Also listing users with kopano-admin and kopano-cli works fine.

    Maybe I have missed a setting in the ldap.cfg or is this a known problem with WebApp?

    We are currently using the following versions:
    Kopano Core 8.7.80

  • Kopano

    Yes, this is already known and fix in review

  • @fbartels , missed that one, thanks!

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