Getting started using Python. What are the installation requirements to run the examples from the documentation? Are there full, working examples?

  • I’m trying to get started using Python3.7 on Windows 64bit to access a remote Kopano server.

    My aim is to access on user’s email and calendar and to act for that user, so I will not have special server rights or server certificates.

    The docs at do not specify, what the requirements are and what imports are needed.

    The examples include imports like

    import kopano
    from MAPI.Tags import PR_SUBJECT_W # python-mapi

    Trying to pip install kopano or MAPI doesn’t work.

    Is there a “Getting started” example for Python that explains the installation requirements?

    Since the documentation only shows parts of the process, is there a git that has some small, workings examples on how to work with Kopano from Python?

  • Kopano

    Hi @mborus ,

    unfortunately python-kopano is not that easy to use in Windows, since it requires also some more dependencies for which we are building packages for our supported platforms.

    I would recommend to pick one of our supported (Linux) distributions as a base and make your scripting projects from this system, rather than trying to use Windows as a base.

    If you do not have access to a “pure” Linux system you could also use wsl.

  • The python-kopano api is fully available in source and forms a fantastic reference. For instance under linux /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/kopano. Also the source of some standard tools such as kopano-cli are on the system and are a great reference.

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