Update Zarafa-Outlook Client via Kopano-Server possible?

  • The client_update_* settings are still in the kopano server.cfg. I enabled the client update to update the outlook clients to the latest version (7.2.6). But it looks like the automatic update is not possible any more (we migrated from zarafa to kopano 8.2.1). I get the same error from all clients: " [error ] Failed to validate the license. Error code: 0x80000014". On the clients side the msi is downloaded to the temp dir but not installed.
    is it possible to get the automatic update working with kopano or not?

  • Kopano

    Hello @pingo ,

    the auto updater indeed is broken in Kopano I have created https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KC-644 to have it removed from further updates.

    The Zarafa 7.2.6 client only contains a change in regards to installing the compat packages (as also stated in https://www.zarafa.com/zcp-7-2-6-final-is-now-available/), so there is no need to roll it out if you did not have problems with installing the compat package before.

  • Ok. Thanks for the information.

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