PROVISIONING false does not work

Hi, just installed z-push and set PROVISIONING to false but GMAIL on Android apparently want’s ist.
What can i do?

define('PROVISIONING', false);

![alt text](![image url](0_1546101593810_provisioning.png image url))

It’s been a while, but afair this setting just means, that sync will continue/start even though a user has cancelled this dialogue.

Thank you Felix,

it should be possible to disable provisioning

But do you see in the logs that z-push sends the provisioning command to the device?

edit: did a quick first test and of course one cannot dismiss the dialogue since aborting it will lead to the account not being created.

Hi irrlicht,

could you provide WBXML log when setting up the mobile device?

In our tests it was the device issuing a Provision request and even sending the expected Policy type. Z-Push then responds with “No policy for this client” status.


Thanks for help,
i’m still working on my other problem, after that i will send you the log.

Hi irrlicht,

I also created a JIRA issue to follow this up: