The configured LOGFILE can not be modified.

This should be a simple one.

Make sure the directory defined in /etc/z-push/z-push.conf.php is writeable by your webserver, and remove (or chown) the files in the directory to www-data:www-data.

Here is my setting:

root@exchange64:~# grep -n LOGFILE /etc/z-push/z-push.conf.php 
110:    // The data will be saved into a dedicated file per user in the LOGFILEDIR
121:    define('LOGFILEDIR', '/var/log/z-push/');
122:    define('LOGFILE', LOGFILEDIR . 'z-push.log');
123:    define('LOGERRORFILE', LOGFILEDIR . 'z-push-error.log');


root@exchange64:~# ls -al /var/log/z-push/
total 213396
drwx------  2 www-data www-data      4096 Oct  5 09:33 .                       <---- This is critical
drwxr-xr-x 12 root     root          4096 Aug 30 06:25 ..
-rwx------  1 www-data www-data      2131 Nov  6 10:53 autodiscover-error.log
-rwx------  1 www-data www-data     17162 Nov  6 10:53 autodiscover.log
-rwx------  1 www-data www-data  56271690 Oct  5 15:31 spam-54b5b86d397d4a7285ff1f6ee601b834.log
-rwx------  1 www-data www-data   8397562 Nov 12 10:29 spam.log
-rwx------  1 www-data www-data 112765363 Dec 28 11:59 spam-nine0c2f371d7682.log
-rwx------  1 www-data www-data    245208 Dec 28 11:58 z-push-error.log
-rwx------  1 www-data www-data       786 Aug 30 06:07 z-push-error.log.1.gz
-rwx------  1 www-data www-data       649 Aug 28 14:31 z-push-error.log.2.gz
-rwx------  1 www-data www-data       534 Aug 27 14:33 z-push-error.log.3.gz
-rwx------  1 www-data www-data      1400 Aug 25 17:31 z-push-error.log.4.gz
-rwx------  1 www-data www-data  40485152 Dec 28 12:02 z-push.log
-rwx------  1 www-data www-data     50794 Aug 30 06:24 z-push.log.1.gz
-rwx------  1 www-data www-data     61992 Aug 29 06:22 z-push.log.2.gz
-rwx------  1 www-data www-data     55466 Aug 28 06:24 z-push.log.3.gz
-rwx------  1 www-data www-data     24586 Aug 27 06:24 z-push.log.4.gz

@fbartels said in The configured LOGFILE can not be modified.:

dpkg - l | grep z-push

ii  z-push-autodiscover                        2.4.5+0-0                                  all          Z-Push autodiscover
ii  z-push-backend-kopano                      2.4.5+0-0                                  all          Z-Push Kopano backend
ii  z-push-common                              2.4.5+0-0                                  all          open source implementation of the ActiveSync protocol
ii  z-push-config-apache                       2.4.5+0-0                                  all          Z-Push apache configuration
ii  z-push-ipc-sharedmemory                    2.4.5+0-0                                  all          Z-Push ipc shared memory provider
ii  z-push-kopano                              2.4.5+0-0                                  all          Z-Push for Kopano


try to run this commands:

chmod 755 /var/lib/z-push /var/log/z-push
chown www-data:www-data /var/lib/z-push /var/log/z-push

Now restart apache2 and see if it works.

@WalterHof i’ve already done this and it works, but i think fbartels wants to find out the reason why its not setting the rights automatically.

Nevertheless, thanks for your help.


this is an already known bug, I reported this bug many months ago - but it was not fixed up to today. I see this bug on every new installation and sometimes with upgrades.

I have to disagree on the “known bug”. I see no problems with our packaging when deploying a fresh test system. I was therefore more searching for the “bug” in user behaviour ;-)

I see this on most installations and sometimes with upgrades.

I fix this with the two lines mentioned above, so for me it is not longer an issue.

This is btw the place where the packaging sets these permissions (for Debian based platforms):,43-44

For me is the problem fixed, but nevertheless it was not functioning inbetween of the installation process.