[solved]Cant get rid of subscribed topics

  • Hi,

    can someone tell me how to turn off my status messages from the Kopano forum via mail?
    I have disabled everything in my profile that could be a notification, unfortunately I still get a lot of mails from the forum every day.
    Apparently I have subscribed to everything that is possible. :=)

    Thanks for your help.

  • Kopano

    I do not see anything in your user profile. Did you maybe subscribe to the categories in the forum, e.g.:


    I dont really see a way in nodebb to unsubscribe from them at a central place. I would expect an unsubscribe link in the mail notification. or you have to go through the forums and unsubscribe/unwatch them individually.

  • I didn’t see the big, unmissable button in every cathegory.
    Thanks for your help

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