Synchronization to one device breaks after a few days

we have one user/device where synchronization breaks after some days. All contacts are gone and the last email on the device is dated 12th November. After resyncing the device works fine for some days.
The device is a Blackberry DTEK 50 with Android 6.0.1, we are running kopano 8.6.9 on CentOS 7 and z-push 2.4.5 on a different CentOS 7 machine. How can we solve the problem?
I can provide full WBXML-log, but don’t want to make it available publicly.
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@afischer said in Synchronization to one device breaks after a few days:

I can provide full WBXML-log, but don’t want to make it available publicly.

The one easy way to avoid posting logs in public is to open up a support case instead.

“You purchased your subscription at one of our partners. Your partner is the expert on the Kopano software and also knows your environment best. We therefore recommend that you contact them when you have support questions, they may be able to resolve the issue without reaching out the Kopano support team. If required, your partner can open a support ticket at Kopano support on your behalf.”
That does not sound “easy”, it sounds slow. ;-)
I think easy is: open a ticket, upload logs, wait for response

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It depends on the question you are about to ask. Questions like: “hey, I have this object here in my ldap tree (which you as my partner know just like the palm of your hand) how can I get this object also into Kopano” are probably way more efficient to solve by your partner. But in cases like this you of course do not have to go through your partner and can also open a support request through

The text you quoted btw has the headline “Who should I call to get access to support?” and not “How can I open a support case”. If you look just a tiny but further down the page you will find a text that is:

Contact our support team through the partner portal for both technical and licensing questions.

with a link to the same site I posted earlier in this reply.

Never mind, but I think kopano should consider to redesign the support-page.
I looked several times where to open a support-case but did not find an answer. ;-)
Nevertheless I won’t open a case at the moment - maybe the problem will disappear over holidays.

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Ok, usually problems don’t get solved my themselves, but its your call.