[SOLVED] sending email aliases on an installation with db as user plugin

  • Hello,

    I’m running a test installation of kopano 8.7.80 with webapp 3.5 and z-push 2.4.5. I’d like to setup multiple email-aliases for the users for sending with different addresses, but I don’t find a solid way to do this.
    On other installations with LDAP, it’s very easy, but on a single installation without any directory service it seems impossible.

    Any help appreciated.
    Thanks, Christian.

  • Kopano

    Hi @onex-de ,

    yes the db backend is indeed not as powerful in these regards as the ldap one. You could create additional (inactive) users for your aliases. or you simply disable all checks when sending out mails (from spooler.cfg):

    # Set this value to 'yes' to let the spooler always send emails with
    # delegates (other user than yourself in the From: header)
    # In installations before 6.20, this value was always 'yes'.
    # IMPORTANT: This feature overrides "send-as" functionality.
    #always_send_delegates = no

  • Hey Felix,

    thank you very much. This was exactly what I was searching for.

    With best regards and all the best for Christmas and a Happy New Year, if we don’t have any more contact in 2018.

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