Packages were hold back after apt-get upgrade

  • Hi,
    I did an upgrade of my server today. The apt-get upgrade told me that some packages will be kept back.


    So there will be some depencies, which will be touched and you have to do the upgrade with “dist-upgrade”.

    If the server is kept in this state (without the dist-upgrade of the packages), will this be safe / stable?

    I assume, I should do it via dist-upgrade?

  • Kopano

    Hi @mcdaniels ,

    you fail to mention from where to where you were upgrading. Generally speaking an apt upgrade always “fails” for the case where package dependencies are changed. So I would always run apt full-upgrade.

  • @fbartels
    I am coming from (except WebApp), here I use the latest stable / final.
    But full-upgrade is in fact the same as dist-upgrade.

    Ok, full-upgrade… have someting in mind (from earlier times) that this might be problematic sometimes. (but this seems to be wrong).

  • Kopano

    For our packages, there have been newer libvime and gsoap releases with 8.6.9.

  • ok just did the dist-upgrade. Seems it is working ;)

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